Understanding our customers

FlexiGroup has commissioned Chant Link & Associates, an independent market research company, to assist us to obtain the views of customers in helping us evaluate our products & services, & to help us develop additional products that will address the needs of our customers.

Chant Link & Associates are members of AMSRS (the market research society) & abide by all its privacy & confidentiality principles.

The research requires participation in a brief online survey. In order to facilitate this, we may provide Chant Link & Associates with your name and contact details. Chant Link & Associates may then select you or your organisation for inclusion in the sample.

If you are approached, your participation will be entirely voluntary. However, we would strongly encourage you to take the time to participate, as it will enable us to better serve customer needs.

The survey is anonymous – the researchers will not provide any information on your particular responses to the FlexiGroup or to anyone else. Instead, they will analyse all responses and provide aggregated results to FlexiGroup.