Media Release - CEFC

Media Release from CEFC

Australian-first climate bond gives investors access to new ways to invest in solar and storage market

An Australian-first climate bond is giving investors access to Australia’s burgeoning rooftop solar and small-scale energy storage market, providing further evidence of the economy-wide impact of the accelerating transition to clean energy.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, 6.3 million rooftop solar systems are expected to be installed in Australia by 2050 – with 4.3 million of these systems to be combined with storage. This means that 74 per cent of rooftop solar capacity is expected to include energy storage by the middle of the century.

The CEFC has invested $10 million in the latest FlexiGroup Limited (flexigroup) $90.9 million green bond issuance, which includes a large portion of rooftop solar, alongside a smaller portion of small-scale storage receivables.

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Monday, 25 March, 2019