FlexiGroup procurement and payment process


Thank You for your interest in supplying to Flexigroup.

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a new supplier to Flexigroup, click here and share your area of expertise.

If you are an existing supplier to Flexigroup, read on for some helpful information to make working with us as easy as possible for you and your business.

  • Please ensure you receive a valid purchase order before delivering any products and services to FlexiGroup.
  • When a Purchase Order is approved internally, the purchase order will be sent as a PDF by email to your company.
  • When invoicing Flexigroup, be sure to include the Purchase Order number on your invoice to ensure we can pay you easily;
  • Any invoices without a PO number will be returned to the supplier.
  • Please note that all invoices must be sent to invoice.fxl@flexigroup.com.au

This process has clear benefits for both FlexiGroup and our suppliers. The pre-approval process provides our suppliers an assurance that the order has been approved by an authorised FlexiGroup representative before the order reaches your company. It also ensures that the supplier receives all the necessary invoice information, which minimises the risk of extra administration and payment delays.

If you have queries about the procurement process, contact Procurement: procurementsupport@flexigroup.com.au

If you have queries about invoice payment, contact Accounts Payable: accountspayable@flexigroup.com.au


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