Leasing - Commercial & Consumer

FlexiGroup offers tailored and innovative leasing solutions to consumers, businesses and corporations through our specialised brands. 


Life and products have a habit of changing. But when you lease with Lisa, you can always have the latest and greatest with protection. Lisa gives you that euphoric feeling of new without the need to buy! So now you can own less and enjoy more, with affordable monthly payments.

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SmartWay enables customers to lease the equipment they need


Customer leasing offered through multiple retailers across Australia. SmartWay enables customers to lease home appliances and tech that they need, when they need it. It features valuable inclusions such as Protection for goods and loaners if something goes wrong with the customer’s equipment.

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FlexiCommercial offers a tax effective and cash-flow efficient way to access the latest business technology and equipment. Leases for small and medium-sized businesses with simple monthly payments and minimal red tape, enabling them to get the equipment they need today to grow. Our quick over the phone application process simplifies the sales process for our partners.

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