Board of Directors

The primary role of the Board is to promote the long-term health and success of FlexiGroup. Our Board members have extensive experience in finance, business consulting and governance.

Andrew Abercrombie

Chairman, Founding Director, Non-Independent, Non-Executive, BEc, LLB, MBA

Appointment: Director, November 2006

Bio: Andrew became a founding director of the original FlexiRent business in 1991. He is an experienced commercial and tax lawyer and was a founding partner in a legal firm operating in both Sydney and Melbourne. Following several years in property investment and tax consulting, he became involved in the FlexiRent business in 1991, and until 2003 was Chief Executive Officer.

R. John Skippen

Independent, Non-Executive

Appointment: Director, November 2006

Bio: John was the Finance Director and the Chief Financial Officer of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited for 12 years. He was involved in the establishment of the original agreement between FlexiRent Holdings Pty Ltd and Harvey Norman in 1995. John has more than 30 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant.

Rajeev Dhawan

Independent, Non-Executive, BCom, ACA, MBA

Bio: Rajeev represented Colonial First State Private Equity (CFSPE) managed funds on the board of FlexiRent Holdings Pty Ltd from February 2003 to December 2004. Upon CFSPE’s exit from Flexirent Holdings in December 2004, Rajeev continued in an advisory capacity to the FlexiRent business. Currently a partner of Equity Partners, Rajeev has 14 years’ venture capital and private equity experience and has been a director of a number of listed and unlisted portfolio companies.